Healthy Terrier Puppies

in Bolton, Lancashire

At Bonosue in Bolton, Lancashire, we want to ensure all the terrier puppies we re-home stay happy and healthy. To this end, let us talk about our thoughts on feeding and caring for your dog. We will provide new puppy owners with a care and food guide, for you to use for the first 12 months, detailing how much food per day your puppy needs.

How We Feed

We believe in only feeding adults once a day, that being in the morning, with the logic that feeding in the evening means the dog will sleep on the food and turn it into fat. A fat dog lives a short and less enjoyable life.

What We Feed

Our Borders are fed half a 15-oz tin, plus mixer, and the Irish are fed a 15-oz tin, plus a complete dried food as a mixer, in equal amounts. Once a week, we feed only raw chicken wings. We use own-brand tins and mixers from local supermarkets, saving money on expensive branded versions of the same food. The complete dried food is a VAT-free brand costing £8.99 for 15kg.

Special Additions

Dogs need meat, so we do not recommend feeding just a dried diet. Our dogs also enjoy green tripe. It may stink, but they love it! We add a tablespoon of cooking oil twice a week to their meal, which helps contribute to a glossy coat and good skin, with no dandruff.

Preventing Worms

Worming your dog is very important and should be done every three months for life. Do not leave toys or water bowls outside and exposed to slugs and snails. This is because they carry lungworm, which may prove fatal to your pet if left unchecked.


We recommend a great product VetSpec joint mobility for dogs, which is ideal for an older member of the family. At £18 per tub, it is quite expensive, but you get great value for money. Add a small amount to food every day and you’ll see the difference it makes. 14-year-old Marina stands as the true testament to VetSpec, as both her coat and her movement are fantastic for her age.

Contact our dog health specialists today, in Bolton, Lancashire, for advice about caring for terrier puppies.

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