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in Bolton, Lancashire

Based in Bolton, Lancashire, we are experienced dog breeders. We have had Border Terriers since 1988, and Irish Terriers since 1996. At the age of 7 in 1962, Ian’s first dog, Kipp, was a Border Collie. Kipp was followed by a Labrador named Pele, and then in 1979 by another Border Collie, Mixi.

In 1988, we acquired our first Border Terrier, Bono, Pride of Bono. Over the next few years, showing became our way of life. In 1996, we were joined by our first Irish Terrier, Yewood Juliet. At present, we have 11 Border Terriers and seven Irish Terriers aged between 2 months and 14 years.

Competition Judge

I am a Kennel Club Championship judge awarding C.C's in Irish Terriers, i judge all breeds of Terriers, and Hound Breeds at open show level. I am available for these and varieties and Best in Show. I have two judging appointments one 2019 Terriers at Great Harwood Agricultural Show, and 2020 the same at Honley Agricultural Show

As Seen On…

Our dogs over the years have been used by several companies to advertise their products. Four of our Border Terrier pups were used as the Friskies Beta puppies, and Bonosue Inis MorBean-Sidhe, an Irish Terrier puppy, has featured on many adverts and leaflets,in addition to a ladies’ t-shirt.

They have also been painted by well-known wildlife artist Mr N. Artingstall, available as prints of his work.The latest two stars are Marina and Scarlet, who appeared as Eccles in ITV Granada’s Coronation Street, a terrier who was left in a will to Blanche Huntand the Barlows.

Spanwise Absinthe Sh.C.M (Abbey) is enjoying life as a veteran she has won several Best Terrier Veteran in group, and looks forward to continuing this in 2019

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